Announcement: Updated name and new Somerset office

I am updating my firm name from Wright Law to Wright Elder Law and updating my logo to match. This is a small tweak to better communicate what I do to the people who need an elder law attorney. I’ve learned that the demand for lawyers who can help older clients and clients with disabilities far exceeds the supply. I want to put the people I help and the legal problems I solve front and center.




This is a change in name and branding only. I still provide the same services: estate planning for people of all ages and Medicaid planning for families facing the immense cost of long-term care. Everyone benefits from estate planning that takes disability and public benefits into account.

This update is also spurred somewhat by my opening a second office in Somerset, Wisconsin. When I started my practice two years ago in River Falls, that is where I thought my family would live long-term. It’s a beautiful city and a wonderful community. But housing markets and timing have landed us in Somerset—a town we’ve found beautiful and welcoming in its own right.

In these past two years I have also seen a great need for legal services in the more rural areas of Wisconsin not far from River Falls and Somerset. I’ve helped clients in Ellsworth, Spring Valley, and Plum City; in Baldwin and in Glenwood City; in Amery and in Clayton. Now, with offices in both River Falls and Somerset, I hope to meet more of that need.