I like to collect information—especially useful information. In my time as a law student and young lawyer, I’ve discovered a good deal of useful things for people like me on the Internet. I’d like to share them; I’d like to develop a nice, curated list of resources that will prove how knowledgeable and useful I can be.

I’d like to, but Keith Lee over at Associate’s Mind beat me to the punch. I only recently discovered this resource, and it’s great. You should check it out.

A few gems that were new to me:

  • Ten Minute Mentor from the Texas State Bar. I never knew this existed before, but what a great idea. Short videos of advice from practicing attorneys.
  • Overlawyered. Apparently the oldest running law blog, somehow I hadn’t come across it until now.
  • Yale Law School career guides. When it comes to the various paths a lawyer’s career might take, you can’t have too much detail.

Perhaps, in the future, I will post about specific resources in more depth.