A Quick Start on Simple Estate Planning: Introduction

You need to get your will done. But getting started is hard. Researching lawyers, scheduling consultations, attending consultations, comparing prices, asking the right questions, making big decisions—it’s a lot of work. Too much, I think.

“I just want to keep things simple.” I hear that from clients over and over. It’s not just about price. It’s about avoiding complications, expenses, and bureaucracy. Most of my clients just want their final affairs to be as straightforward as possible for their families. They want working with their lawyer to be straightforward, too.

This guide is a straightforward way to get started on your estate planning. All you need is a little education on the basics: what each estate planning document does and the major decisions you’ll need to make. That way, when you do meet with me (or another lawyer), you’ll already be off to a quick start.

Estate planning isn’t fun or exciting. But it is important. By creating your will and powers of attorney (and trust, in some cases), you are caring for your loved ones and giving them tools they might need to care for you. I hope this guide gives you a quick start on that good work.



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