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Announcement: Updated name and new Somerset office

I am updating my firm name from Wright Law to Wright Elder Law and updating my logo to match. This is a small tweak to better communicate what I do to the people who need an elder law attorney. I’ve learned that the demand for lawyers who can help older clients and clients with disabilities […]

My recent article in Wisconsin Lawyer magazine

I recently wrote an article about elder law practice for the May issue of Wisconsin Lawyer, the official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin. I had a lot of fun talking to many other elder law attorneys about this practice area and what makes it so great. It turned out longer than I’d anticipated, but […]

How to think about asset protection

There’s a common misconception about asset protection: Protecting my assets saves me money right away. In fact, it protects the assets immediately but only saves you money in the long run. Here’s what I mean. Remember that asset protection usually means transferring your property to an irrevocable trust and giving up your right to use […]

A Quick Start on Simple Estate Planning: Your will

Your last will and testament is probably what you thought of first when you thought of estate planning. It contains your directions for who gets your property after you die. But it does some other important things as well: It names a personal representative (other states call this person an executor). If you have minor […]

Who is Medicaid for?

“Isn’t Medicaid for poor people?” “If your business is helping people apply for Medicaid, how do you get paid?” I’ve heard these and similar comments a number of times. They are often the first questions after I explain what I do. Most people know that Medicaid is a social safety net program providing health insurance […]

Is estate planning a lot of work?

“It feels like so much work so I’m dragging my feet.” It’s a very common feeling when it comes to getting started on estate planning. In my last newsletter, I wrote about a young couple who was also worried about how much work it would be to get their estate planning done. On the one […]

A Quick Start on Simple Estate Planning: Start with your goals

Estate planning starts with identifying your goals. What do you want to accomplish? Why get an estate plan in the first place? Here are some common goals my clients have for their estate plans: Distribute property at death according to their wishes Make things as simple as possible for their families Avoid probate Name guardians […]

A Quick Start on Simple Estate Planning: Introduction

You need to get your will done. But getting started is hard. Researching lawyers, scheduling consultations, attending consultations, comparing prices, asking the right questions, making big decisions—it’s a lot of work. Too much, I think. “I just want to keep things simple.” I hear that from clients over and over. It’s not just about price. […]

Why I do what I do

Why am I an estate planning and elder law attorney? I guess it starts with why I’m a lawyer. The simple answer to that is: I knew I would be good at it. I knew it would be an important job, one where I could make a difference in people’s lives. And I knew it […]